Tuesday, 11 January 2011

aaah modeling my nemesis we meet again...

Next i was tasked with doing some modeling which is neither my strong suit nor is it some i remotely enjoy  doing but sometime i guess you gotta do what you gotta do. First i design a filing cabinet which was to go in the  back room which we felt was need to add that little something extra to the bar. i found a website (www.antiques-atlas.com) which had a nice selection and this was the best and best suited the style.

I used this a my base for my cabinet.

this is the model i came out with which i was quite pleased with, especially the wood texture which I found at (www.pixelab.be) which proved to be a useful site for finding tillable textures and the brass was made from a tutorial found on creative crash I mealy copied the values for the colour spectrum to create it using a phong texture.

next i moved onto a revolver which was initially going to be held by our character but since we decided to cut most of the animation as it wasn't all necessary for the animation but i did start modelling the revolver in part so it would be usable and while in the end it didn't matter i felt it was still worht while as it would make gd practice for future projects as i'm 100% sure i will create an animation where firearms will be used.

Webley schematics 
perspective view to help with shape

I decided to make my revolver around a webley revolver, a common service pistol during that time and one which i felt has a slight art deco look in itself so i felt it was most fitting. The thing i found most hard was trying to find a front view of a revolver as it would have made modeling a lot easier but sometimes we can't always have everything that easy. This has made me come to the conclusion that it would alway be easier to design of make my own scimitars for objects as it means i can do that extra view to help speed up and make modeling easier. 
Final outcome and will make the note that i would have liked the texturing to have come out better though i found with this that really i should have created my own textures as anything i found didn't look completely right but with the time frame and not wanting to spend too much time on it this was the best attempt and it came out fine and it worked for this as it was only place on a table rather then being used by a character and therefore would have been in view more.

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