Friday, 14 January 2011


The music was a bit harder to find then expected as we all knew it needed to fit perfectly otherwise it would have spoiled the atmosphere we were trying to create so i took some time over it trying to find something that every one would like. I found spotify to be the best choice for looking for music and the selection is massive and its free to listen to meaning i was able to source a wide selection. the first song was easier to find as that song had to be something of the time and i already had some knowledge of music from this era so it was just a case of finding something that fit the mood  and the best i found was Tommy Dorsey : OPUS ONE which was written during the time period and fit the swinging feel we were going for for the opening.!

the next song was more complicated as it was much harder to find something that worked well to keep the mood and i went through quite a lot of music to find something but in the end it came down to simple trail and era and when i got to last chances and i knew i wanted something with a film noir feel to it. When I typed those words I got what i was after, Alexander Lasarenko-On the courner which fit perfectly.

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