Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Floor plans

I came up with a few initial ideas trying out different ideas to see what worked and what didn't so we could create something that everyone liked.
We knew we wanted to have the bar underground so to give it a concealed feel to it and also have it down an alley for that sleazy feel to it also so these featured in all designs.
As for the interior we knew we wanted it to contain a bar, casino/gambling area and a stage.

Idea 1
My first idea was to have separate areas for different aspects of the bar so in this one the gambling area is separated from the rest of the bar and the first thing you would see as you enter is the stage which i felt could be a good opening shot.

Idea 2
This idea was my largest design and was more a dining theatre then anything what with the very large stage and amount of tables so was thrown aside early on as it was not suited to what we wanted .

Idea 3
idea 3 was much more suited to what we were going for and i liked the idea of having a booth where if you were sitting at it you would be able to see every part of the bar. this came from thinking if i was a mafia boss where would i want to sit in a bar and of course somewhere where i was able to see everything.

Idea 4
this was my final idea and out of all initial ideas was probably the best. the idea of a small corner stage was liked and made the place feel a little more desecrate and intermit and the small bar made the place feel more private like a place where only members of the family could meet and discus matter out of reach of prying eyes and ears.


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