Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What is a speakeasy?

Speakeasy's was the name giving to the illegal bars of prohibition america during the 1920s. they were a place where those who could afford it could still live the high life and and party like it was 1899. They were a place where organized crime could always be found as it was this which brought the illegal licker in and as with most things in crime, where ones being committed there usually another dozen or so being committed as well. Its this which we will be using for a bases for our speakeasy so while it will be an illegal bar we wan to also include gambling to that as well so things like card tables and slot machine perhaps but these things don't really on there own suggest there's something wrong so we want to include things like firearms around the place maybe even the odd body or two who knows.

A swinging speakeasy full of life and flowing with alcohol

Most would have been a lot more lo-key but this i feel would have been less fun to create and why hide what your doing when you can just pay off the ones trying to find you ...

As for the size of the bar we want it to be of a decent size though we don't want to over do it and make something so large it becomes difficult to keep it full and create an atmosphere similar to something seen in the film noir genre.

We want to create somewhere you can visualize and picture the seedier side of life gathering to drown out sorrows and the high rollers throwing away there money and discussing there next hit.

we will also be drawing ideas from films such as Bugsy Malone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNfB58oBjA0 and The Untouchables. Bugsy Malone is a key example as it features fat Sam's speakeasy which can be used as a refrencing point for out environment .
From these ideas and ideas of my group member i will try and come up with a layout and design which will fit with these philosophies and make it a convincing environment that people will hopefully believe and understand.


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