Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Final layout

From the initial plans i came up with one design which took the good element and made them onto one design.
this was the final idea a smaller L shaped design which kept all aspects we wanted in the bar and made it feel much more intermit. since art deco was the style of the time i though i'd add that into the layout of the design so the stage and private booth are symmetrical to each other and the seating area follows the same curve. the booth is still situated where you could be able to see everything and even incorporated a door which could be used as an escape route or even be used to ad an extra room like an office or interrogation room later on in the development if we felt we had time. the bar is also set on different levels and ceiling hights to give the impression of that it was once 2 room that had been knocked together to create the bar by its owners. 

this was the final design and what we will be using as our layout for our 3D environment.  

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