Friday, 14 January 2011

The rise and fall

overall I was very pleased with our final piece and believe we all did very well and that our final submission reflects that though personally i felt as though i could have done more as my modeling skills and my final models weren't great and that will be a personal goal of mine to improve this as i was quite slow at times when it came to creating models. Though i do believe I have learnt a great deal also as before i found it incredibly difficult to even get my head round modeling though i know that I want to stick with more pre production aspects of animation as i find this much more enjoyable and less frustrating which for me is a must because i occasionally became very agitated when I couldn't work maya or find a reason why it didn't work. Also if there was more time i would like to have done more animation in the environment and also improved the animation that was done though this is something that wasn't a major concern as it was always the environment that i knew had to take centre stage and the whole group managed to produce a great piece of work.  

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