Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Only the finest

Next i move onto helping others texture there models which i found to be a much more enjoyable thing to do as it gave me more time to find better textures and in some cases create my own.

Cigar box & cigars
Rob had modeled a nice cigar box so firstly i used a basic wood texture which was obtained of Deviant Art which was another good source of material that people were will to share without asking for money which is always a plus in my book. The cigars were a bit trickier as i wasn't able to find any good textures so i knew it would be easier to make one myself so i found a free paper wallpaper for a desktop which i then edited in photo shop to make it much darker and add a tint of brown to give it a more cigar texture
old paper texture

From that i then duplicated the texture and place them over each other a t a diagonal to create the cigar look and finally finished it off with a band around the top to really give it that expensive look.

Final texture

Coat stand & Stool
next was some basic texturing on a coat stand and stool which were very simple wood textures with some slight bump mapping just to add that little extra texture them.

Table lighter
This was a bit trickier as it was a completely shiny object mean i spent some time tweaking the textures to get the right look between the chrome and the marble. luckily at the trip to the Tate Britain Rob took some photos which helped with texturing.

Wall phone 
Finally was Harry's wall phone which i textured by simply adding a low reflective blin and bump mapping stone to which came out looking very nice and just goes to show that sometimes just experiment can come out with some good results. The numbers were done by just making font in photo shop and then adding each number to the correct hole by using plannar mapping and the UV texture editor.


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